Traffic costs the people of Oklahoma about $14.8 billion each year. The Federal government estimates there 13,000 jobs for each $billion of infrastructure spending. We can create jobs converting traffic costs into value and customer savings:

  • $10.1 billion per year for oil (link).
  • $  3.5 billion per year for accidents (link).
  • $  1.2 billion per year for congestion (link).

Radically safer and more efficient transportation is very well understood:

  • Freight railroads average 476 ton-miles per gallon (link).
  • The Personal Rapid Transit (PRT or podcar) network in Morgantown has delivered 110 million oil-free, injury-free passenger-miles since being built as a solution to the 1973 Oil Embargo in 1975. In that same period of zero injuries, 1.7 million Americans died on the government highway monopoly. Highway accidents are not accidents. Who they happen to is random, that they happen is a design feature of the highway network.

Clever Uber presentation on the excessive costs and harms of moving two tons to move a person in a congested city.

10X benefits that enable JPods solar-powered mobility networks to be built with private funds and operated without government subsidies:

There are multiple 10X (ten times) benefits in digitizing mobility (download presentation with movies).