JPods' Route-Time™ calculates travel times, network size, number of vehicles, etc....

In the following video, from the Red Cross (where the cursor clicks) travel times are illustrated. Walk-Ride-Walk times are calculated from the center of each station (center of circles):

  • Green is 5 minutes.
  • Blue is 10 minutes.
  • Yellow is 20 minutes.

Basically, the entire airport community would be within 20 minutes of anywhere in College Park, 24X7, without a car.

Documents on Georgia Mobility Company:

Images of what JPods solar-powered mobility networks would look like in College Park.

JPods stations at the Georgia International Convention Center, Mariott Gateway, Renaissance, and Spring Hill hotels.

Stations and JPods connections between parking areas, car rental, and the Convention Center.

Hotels in College Park south of the terminal and east of I-85.

Help Design the Network for College Park:

Here is a link to Map My Stations (click on link):

  • Enter your email and name
  • Click on the locations you would like to see stations placed.
  • To remove a marker, simply click on it a second time.
  • Submit the form to store the data in our database. We will use the data in designing networks.

Training video:


Background on JPods contract in China