Below the first video are images of a small network in McDonough at South Point Mall.

This small network allows JPods to invest in setting up manufacturing facilities in Henry County to support building much larger networks. Atlanta, and the world, need to convert traffic costs into value.  As we build those factories in Henry County, we will need mobility for our workers to get to and from work. This first video illustrates a possible network in Henry County. Travel times are marked from where the Red Cross is clicked. You see circles around each station for how far you can walk-ride-walk. Green is 5 minutes, Blue is 10 minutes, Yellow is 20 minutes, and Red is 30 minutes. With this network, Hartfield Airport is less than 30 minutes from most places in Henry County 24x7 without a car.

If you would like to design your ideas of where networks should be, download JPods software tools.


There are multiple 10X (ten times) benefits in digitizing mobility (download presentation with movies).