History of Georgia Efforts

Here is a short summary of Georgia efforts:
  • 2011, TEDx Atlanta.
  • 2011, met Madgie Murray.
    • She connected me with Tim Echols, Gerald McDowell, Brandon Beach, and Governor Kemp.
  • 2011 to now, communicated with Tim Echols on how solar-powered mobility networks can benefit Georgia.
  • 2011 to 2013, many efforts with local communities to build in Georgia. Fayetteville came the closest to implementation.
  • Dec 2018, connected with Brandon Beach. Defined how building JPods would create jobs, solve traffic, and benefit his efforts toward winning the 6th Congressional District.
  • Feb 2019, I drafted and Brandon signed the Beach Letter:
  • March 20, 2019. Goldman Sachs issued a Letter of High Interest based on my years of effort, they are interested in putting pension funds ($billions) into sustainable infrastructure, and the Beach Letter. They saw the Beach Letter as a way to break the long delays and regulator barriers normally associated with infrastructure investments.
  • May 1, 2019, There was a meeting with GDOT (McMurry and senior staff), ATL (Selden and senior staff), Hapeville Mayor (Allan Hallman), and Georgia Mobility Company LLC (Charlie Fletcher, Madgie Murray, Dave Thomas, and me).
  • May 2019 there were various emails trying to put the meeting into a document we could provide Goldman Sachs.
  • May 30, 2019, Meg Pirkle, GDOT issued a letter:
  • June 10, 2019, I traveled to meet with GDOT. They provided us with two notebooks on the 10-year process they used to regulate the building of the Atlanta streetcar. They declared that they were going to use Federal railroad regulations to control JPods self-driving cars. Note that GDOT allows Tesla to break every law that gets in the way of their efforts to deploy self-driving cars. Tesla's Smart Summon app promo video illustrates Tesla's intentional violation of laws requiring a licensed driver in the car. The Senator Beach Letter had accepted the use of Georgia Fire Safety Standards (Six Flags, Disney, etc...).
  • I told them:
  • Goldman Sachs told me they had been very interested, and are still interested in funding networks once they are built. But that the long delays since they offered $billions in March to the decision to use federal railroad regulations in June indicates there will be very long delays and extraordinary costs in the building process.
  • We added Bob Pelletier to our team who is an expert in Federal railroad regulations. He does not know how they can be applied.
Capital wants to invest. They want known cost of regulation and known regulatory delays before they will invest. Using the same standards Disney and Six Flags uses, Georgia Fire Safety, provides:
  • Known cost of regulation.
  • Known mechanisms of enforcement.
  • Known implementation timelines.
  • Existing insurance and insurance enforcement.
  • Existing common law.

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