1. JPODS say they have been in business since 2006.....and still do not have their first network. Why not???
    • Why is a good question:
      • Why have eight Presidents declared foreign oil addiction a direct threat to national security and there has been no action to end foreign oil addiction? The US imported 6.6 million barrels a day last week.
      • Why have soldiers been fighting oil-wars since 1991 with nothing being done to end foreign oil addiction?
      • Why do the people of Georgia spend $25.2 billion/year to sit in traffic jams?
      • Why have we had a century with the 25 mpg efficiency of the Model-T?
      • Why 46% of 400+ ton-mpg freight railroads to be abandoned in favor of the 25 mpg efficiency of the Model-T.
    • Answer:
      • Congressional Office of Technology Assessment study PB-244854 identified that Federal regulations have blocked transportation innovation for "four to six decades". It was published in 1974, so 45 years have been added.
    • Solution:
      • College Park approving a Franchise Ordinance regulating JPods by Georgia Fire Safety Standards (known cost of regulation of Disney Monorail and Six Flags thrill rides) will do for transportation what the Federal courts did for communications in 1982.
    • Background how changing Federal regulations in communications changed a century of rotary telephones into the Internet:
      • 1968 nearly every technical aspect of the Internet and modern computing were demonstrated at The Mother of All Demos (start at minute 30 and watch for 4 minutes).
      • 1982 Federal courts declared the Federal communications monopoly unconstitutional.
      • 1983 Frank Caufield as Jim Kimsey to manage investments in what became AOL (both West Point graduates). Capital only started investing in the Internet once the Constitution was obeyed.
      • 1991 The High-Speed Computing Act restored full free markets to communications. The Internet began scaling.
      • 1994 The Today Show marks popular awareness of the Internet with "Alison, what is the Internet anyway?"
    • Capital:
      • Capital will not invest while governments are violating Constitutions. The Boston Tea Party was a demonstration against a government transportation monopoly that triggered a war. To forbid rebuilding that path to war:
        • The Georgia Constitution very specifically forbids the government transportation monopolies we see today:
          • Article I, Bill of Rights, Section VI, Paragraph V: "Shall not have the power to authorize any contract or agreement which may have the effect of or which is intended to have the effect of encouraging a monopoly, which is hereby declared to be unlawful and void."
        • The US Constitution limits Federal involvement to no more than delivering letters in defense of free speech:
        • Tesla has 1.88 billion self-driving miles on roads by violating all laws that block their efforts. They created a 9-times better safety record. Telsa illustrates there is no technical barrier to self-driving cars. JPods are self-driving cars on radically safer grade-separated guideways.
  2. What is the status of their engineering design of all of the various segments?
    • Link to a truss design valid to California earthquake standards and 110 mph winds. We will redesign these to meet Florida hurricane standards.
    • Video of JPods control systems being applied to SkyRide. SkyRide, in its manual version, is now on 3 Carnival Cruise ships and was rated Best Cruise Ship Feature in 2016 and 2017.
    • Videos of JPods STEAM scale models (patent pending). This has comprehensive self-driving vehicle software. As soon as I can make the software so simple that anyone can set it up, I will provide you with a scale model you can set on people's desks.
    • Link to Route-Time software (patent pending) for planning and simulating networks.
    • Link to JPods3D™ software (patent pending) for designing networks and placing them into physical locations in to do the geotech for actually building. Also generates 3D images. Examples: terminalconvention center
    • Link to MapMyStations™ (patent pending) for community involvement.
    • WebClerk/CommerceExpert™ enterprise software. Awarded Best New High Tech Product of the Year by Twin Cities Business Monthly and invited on two national tours with Apple Computer.
    • Electronic and sensors. I founded Applied Statistic Inc, which became ASIDatamyte now renamed Datamyte. As an example of something people know, in the 1990s about 50% of the airbags manufactured were made using gaging and electronics I designed and built.
    • Here are two links on solar:
    • Logistics. Charlie ran the logistics for the invasion of Iraq. We have extensive skills in managing logistics under complex situations.
    • Mike Teske was a leader on teams that certified over 110 major thrill rides for Disney and Universal Studios.
    • Bob Pelletier rebuilt the Iraqi railroads while working for Charlie.
    • Mike Cassano is listed on the credits at GitHub for the encryption algorithms for BitCoin.
    • Pods are open-sourced. This will allow pods to evolve and be tailored to any specific needs. JPods will enforce and be accountable for safety standards. Links to our starter pods that are pretty simple.  Unfortunately, the pods in these pictures were at a building we donated to Columbia University. The Columbia people accidentally poorly setup some equipment and burnt up the pods. If we come to a contract with College Park, we will spend the $5 million needed to build commercial-grade pods.
  3. They have a patent. What does it cover and when does it expire?
    • Expires 2024
    • Patents the use of self-driving robot cars on grade-separated guideways, the Physical Internet®. TransitX violates my patent if they use independent robot-cars.
    • Patents the use of solar collectors to power transportation networks.
  4. How does their prototype differ from Transit X???
    • Like how wide is the overhead Track??, etc.
      • We generally will build networks with two guideways 3 meters apart (~10 feet). The guideways are 1 meter (~3 feet wide). Solar-collectors over this pair of guideways is generally 4 meters wide. This is illustrated in most of our images.
    • Here is a Red Bull TV documentary on the Future of Transportation of self-driving cars, JPods, and Hyperloops. They can compare them. I know very little about TransitX except that Mike had his pod made by the vendor I developed.
    • One big difference between JPods vehicle and TransitX is our doors are very large and the floor is roll-in-roll out at the stations. See Red Bull TV and Boston images.
  5. Since they have stairs at each station.....do they have an elevator for the handicapped??
  6. Is every POD equipped with heat and air conditioning for the comfort of the passengers??
    • If we do not delight our customers, they will not pay us.
    • All pods have heating, air conditioning, WiFi, and other amenities designed to please.